Like everybody on this planet probably you too have some sexual fantasies and hidden fetishes you just need an little help making it come true.
For years my fans and friends and even strangers from another side of the world were asking me to help fultfilling their desires of a personal movie.
I think it's very cool and I did my best to manage all the requests no matter how special they were. If you also have such a dream please write me and we discuss it. If the model you requested is available we talk about all the details and the payment is already submitted we shoot your video. Then you get a download link with the videos in high definition quality and in your preferred format. You have the word on everything like a director. You can tell about the location, clothes, make-up style, camera movements, spoken words... The model is talking to you a lot she is calling your name.
You will feel like you are there in the middle of the scene. This video is only for you. It doesnt get published anywhere of course.
 We infact delete them after sending it to you so please make sure you save it well. Don’t be shy with your video script. Some people give us a very detailed script and some just tells us the name of the model and just waits for his video to be done. We have access to most pornstars and models so whoever you wanna see you tell me and I look for her.
Send me a detailed mail and I answer you in 24 hours.

 For the fans requests...
We now have individual downloads
for both sexy pictures and videos.
This way you don’t have to be a
member to see a certain set
you can only grab your desired
set if you want. With this
unique feature you pay for a
certain pic or video set and
you willl get a download link
that’s valid for 24/48 hours
with your selected set to be
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best quality. You download it
directly to your computer and watch it whenever you wish of course even after your
link expired. This may be a content test opportunity too. Before you would join the
members section for a month you can check the content style or quality as well.
 The sex updates and some of the special funstuff content is also
availalbe for single download but you get to enjoy much more
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 I have an exceptional offer for you. Now if you sign up tp the combo deal you get 5 exclusive websites! You gain unlimited access to all the sites! Enjoy my official website, where you can get to see my exclusive and naughtiest sexual content and get to look into my life thru my diary and funstuff sction, follow up my shoots in the backstages and so much more... If you are a true fan you will probably go crazy for my archive website, where I collected all of my sex content that I shot for other websites in the past 10 years! You can find my very fist video and my only boy-girl contents too. There is a lot to go through so make some time ;) You also get to enjoy my other babes site, where I post 1 new erotic episode weekly of the hottest girls. This not only means high quality and exclusive sex updates, but also 20 minutes long backstage videos and interviews with spicy questions as well as some extras like wallpapers... You can get to know the models better while enjoying the backstage section. We follow them from the arrival when she eats her sandwich and getting prepated to her shoot thru falling off the high heels and making funny faces to the cameraman.
 We are still recording when the main camera is off the small one is still on :) If you’re a fan of nude erotica you will adore with beautifil artsy content.
We post everyday girls there who never modeled but too sexy not to be shot. We are just launching for the foot-lovers. It’s all included with the combo!

 I was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 9th of September, 1981. I had a usual childhood, I lived with my mom and with my older brother. I went to elementary school in 1988-1996 where I was the best student.
Then I went to high school in 1996-2000 after graduation I took two extra years there to study business. I still live in Budapest and although I have travelled around the world I cant leave my home twon for a long time. I started fashion modeling at my age of 15. I did mainly catwalk and bikini / lingerie works. I also appeared in a few TV commercials and mainstream movies. I tried myself in the field of erotic modeling right, when I turned 18. My very first nude shoot was for a top quality Hungarian men’s magazine. I enjoyed it much more than fashion modeling. As I slowly dressed off all of my shyness I was shot for the US Penthouse Magazine and I was pet of the month in February 2001. For the first time as they put me on their cover and I was miss August in 2003. During the years of my career. I have been on the cover of the biggest magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, Perfect 10, Hustler, Club... Everybody was asking me if had a website and since I’ve been planning to have one I started my official website in 2005. I wanted to do it myself to be really personal so I took my Hungarian photographer friend. I had to learn how to do many things. As for my sexuality I discovered my body pretty early I started masturbating at my age of 15 and lost my virginity when I was 16. I tried with a girl early too and ever since girls are all around in my life. I just love the beautiful faces and the lovely bodies. You see lots of examples on my site. To get to know me better please read my diary, check out my cool funstuff and backstage section and watch my erotic updates.
            In conclusion I think I am a crazy and silly person who enjoys life! Find out more yourself :)

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